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Got my tickets

Holy hell, it was an ordeal to get tickets to see this show on Broadway. But today it's mission accomplished! I'm seeing the matinee on Sept. 8, which was the first Saturday that had two seats together or something. I tried for over a week online with no luck (for two tickets at any price on any date!) and finally broke down over lunch and waited on hold with TicketBastard for a zillion years. But it's done now! I plunked down waaaaaaaay too much money, but I'm going to see them dominate that stage!

Video Clip

Here is a link to a video of Max and Laura on the Today show. Not much new information, really. Just for you to squee over.

And when did Giada join the cast of Today? I'm very confused.

Max mood theme, v2

I added more icons from screen caps to my Max mood theme. You can see them here:

I took a bunch more screen caps but haven't iconized and uploaded them yet, and I know I want to get several from last night's episode, so the mood theme isn't final, but I'm having fun with it. Suggestions are welcome!

I hate it when people will post a spoiler under the cut, but totally ruin it by the other clues they give away in their post, like a "happy" mood, or an "angry" mood, or what they put in the subject line, or the what the cut says. Luckily for the 12 people in this community, I'm not one of those boneheads.



Okay, for some reason when I vote on my home phone, ever 7-10 calls will go to this phony "Hi thanks for voting for contestant four on AMERICAN IDOL! Be sure to watch Tuesdays on FOX brought to you by FORD FOCUS."

WHAT THE HECK?! Has anyone else gotten this? When I vote on cell phones I don't get it, only my home number.

I usually just have it on redial, but because of this, I've put the number in three times, and it still does it every now and then. My family thought I was crazy until I put the phone up to their ears.


I decided that if I was going to make icons, they were going to be animated ones. Well, I've done a total of one so far, and guess what? Its too big. If I compress it, it looks horrible. So, here ya go. I guess you can look and be jealous that you can't use it, just like me.

I got creative too. I took frames out, I resized it, I cropped it... it got smaller, and the file size got smaller, but the only way I could get it to 40 was if I changed the color to less than 27. And it looked horrible if i did that.

I'll mess around with it later and see what I can do. I'll probably have to start from scratch, but this time I'll be better equipped and it won't be with so much trial and error.

And if by some miracle you do find a way to use it, credit me please.

Max mood

I created a custom mood theme, which is here: http://www.livejournal.com/moodlist.bml?moodtheme=291398&ownerid=8290253

I've never tried this before, but it was fun. I clearly need more photos, because some moods didn't seem to have the right picture to go with them.

Max attack

I just spent waaaaaay too much time making Max icons. Anyone know how to make a picture mood theme?

ETA: http://pics.livejournal.com/zekejojo/gallery/0000wsbw

Any one, but no two.

I can honestly say I'd be satisfied with any of the remaining 6 contestants as Danny or Sandy. I will also add that I can't see any pairing as a couple. Just look...Collapse )

I'm glad to see Derek return to form, if not perfect. Maybe the dude just can't handle ballads? That would be bad, yes. But of the remaining Dannys, he's the one that has the leader quality, the attitude, and the machismo. Unfortunately, he also needs the vocals.

Max has the vocals, and the acting. He has delivered on everything the judges have asked. He is very much the unconventional Danny, and that may be the ticket-seller David Ian is looking for. It would be nice to see someone who isn't full of himself, either.

Austin is my least favorite of the remaining Dannys, but has the strongest vocals. He has the machismo, but it definitely goes overboard. He over-emotes with his face, but he's not being cast in a movie, he'll be on a stage with his audience dozens of yards away. He has the attitude and the leader quality, I think Austin just grates on me, personally. I am not rooting for him, but he could do it.

Ashley... I rooted for her from the beginnng. Did anyone else notice she was the only contestant withOUT the From Home Footage? That made me extremely sad for her, and I feel like pulling for her all the more. She has had her mis-steps along the way, and Laura is outshining her in the past few weeks. But I thinks he fits the typical Sandy role.

Laura. I think Laura will win, if she continues her trend (and America votes appropriately, not based on personality). Not to say Laura has anything going against her, peronally, but David Ian is a very brave man to play with his money this way. Laura has out-sung and out-acted everyone in her last 3 weeks. She definitely came from behind, because her remaining opponents were cast early front-runners.

Allie is my least favorite of the three, and it's only the 'green' factor that I don't like. I see where everyone else is coming from, in this community, when they say they don't like her. I just don't happen to agree. I would have saved Kathleen instead of her, but c'est la vie. I think Allie could do it, and be a ticket-seller. Like Ashley, she looks the part, and she has the voice.

As for last week's show... I TiVO it every week because I work on Sunday nights. This is the only show I've saved, I will admit. My favorite parts of most of the shows has been the ensemble pieces. "All That Jazz" was completely HOT!! I wanted to cast them all in Chicago right then and there. I saved this show on my TiVO just to watch that performance again and again.